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Unnamed Historical Mystery...set in post Civil War Washington D.C.

On the back burner...
The Wicked Widows Series 
(Early Regency Historical Romance)

Sometimes the wrong kind of woman is the only one a man wants...forever.

Seductive in Summer 

A courtesan in search of a protector ends up falling for the upright, responsible, politically ambitious, younger brother of the man she’s trying to seduce, setting them both up for heartbreak. 

Alluring in Autumn 

A brilliant mathematician is forced to remarry by her family and ends up wed to the man with whom she has been corresponding and conducting a serious academic rivalry, under an assumed male name, for years--and she’s been secretly in love with him.

Wicked in Winter 

A widow with a tragic past accepts the help of an earl haunted by memories of Trafalgar to reach London in time to reconcile with her dying father. As they journey through a historic blizzard, she must overcome her fear of loss in order to open her heart and he must accept the  man the war has made him, all the while evading her former lover who will stop at nothing to get her back. 

Scandalous in Spring 

When her son’s guardian dies and the new guardian wants to take the boy away a woman must turn to the boy’s real father for help--only he doesn’t know the boy is his son, and he thinks she betrayed him by marrying while he was away at war. 

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