Mage Fright 

Because when magic is involved, we really do have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Tia Maitland would be one fire-breathing, glacier-melting, witch, if only she would agree to use her powers over fire and water... or leave her apartment. But, if she puts even one pointy Manolo over her threshold, she can't breathe, let alone think. An agoraphobic witch who has panic attacks is dangerous to everyone around her, which for Tia, could mean all of Manhattan. Staten Island, too, if the moon is full.

So when Van Singh rings her bell, she has no intention of letting him in. She certainly won't be following him anywhere. Sure, he's a smokin' Fire Warlock. And yeah, he used to light her up like a pack of Chinese fireworks. But, fireworks explode and fall back to Earth as burned out shells.

Van hates Tia with a passion hotter than Vulcan's forge. He thinks it’s her fault his beloved older sister is dead. Tia’s not keeping secrets. Van knows her powers are volatile. They're also his only hope of saving his one remaining sister from the power-draining, blood-sucking vampire mafia. Tia owes his family a debt, and Van has come to collect it, even if he has to burn her Chelsea-brownstone-fortress down to the cornerstones.

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