Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Lucky 7

Yes, I've been tagged in the evil Lucky 7 meme. I was tagged by the lovely Kerry Schafer who has obviously decided to torture me for Easter. (FYI, in future, I'm a Cadbury Creme Egg whore. Ahem).

The rules for the Lucky Sevens Game are these:
*Open the document for your current MS/WIP
*Go to page 77
*Go to line 7
*Copy the next 7 lines (sentences or paragraphs) and post them exactly as they are written. No changing or cheating!
*Tag 7 authors and let them know.
So, aren't I lucky? I opened my ms, which is supposed to be pretty polished. Um, except wouldn't you know? Page 77 is a new scene I added.  Ah, well. Here's to giving fear of a failure a kick in the teeth.
He shrugged, distinctly uncomfortable, like he wanted to shake off the question. “We talk. Sometimes. You know.”
“No. I don’t know. Dory and I barely talk and I’m her sister.”
“We have a lot in common.”
Now there was a shocker. “You do?”
He folded his arms and looked over Dory’s head at me. “Yes. Now let it go, will you? It’s not important. Do you understand now? Your family is in danger, too. Whoever wanted Bridget’s power to begin with, still wants it. Somebody wants my family’s power. They’ve got Sorcha. Now they want the rest. The rest is me. And you.”
“And your Aunt Sabita.” I couldn’t help reminding him.
“Different power source. Besides, Sabita’s in India, and she can watch out for herself.”

So, there it is. Page 77. The Lucky 7 meme.

And now, Wendy Sparrow, Jill Estabrooks, Layna Pimentel, Ann Marie Gamble, Lady Hawkins, Keri Stevens, and Christine're up!

Yes, I know your all busy, so don't worry. It's not a chain letter. You won't die or have any important bits shrivel off if you don't participate. I'll just wallow in misery on the couch and eat chocolate. And I'd do that anyway!

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  1. I like it just fine, Miss Jenn. The conversation works - it builds the story and the characters. Thanks for playing!!