Monday, April 11, 2011

Daily Check-in

It’s time for the daily check-in. Today offered more opportunities for living my values, and most importantly, I didn’t skimp on creativity, so my mood was a whole lot better.
Health Napped. Ate good food. Took a short walk with the ToddlerDude. Basked in the sunshine.
Fun  Monday night is Dancing With The Stars, which daughter and I watch together. She has to go to bed before it is over, so we tape it and watch the rest later. She is routing for Mark Ballas and his partner, Chelsea Kane this time, since her beloved Lacey was voted off. 
I am all for the Karate Kid and Kirstie Alley. (Kudos to whomever can name the Kirstie Alley character from a fabulously soapy period mini-series--the reason I adore her). We critique the costumes, the dancing and the behavior of the stars. It is great girlie fun. Daughter’s comments are hilarious.
Spirit Writing this post. *wink* Also, some very interesting dreamwork while I was napping--more on that another time.
Creativity Two blog posts and 7 pages on one of my novels!
Beauty Redbud leaves! Yeah! On our many redbuds, but especially the spindly baby on the side of our house. 
Gratitude Twitter friends and the lifeline they have provided me. Can never fully express my gratitude for this one.
Family See Fun, but seriously, this Monday night time with my daughter is my favorite family time all week.
Friends I will be calling my good friend from college to wish her a happy birthday. And let’s not forget my husband, who is my best friend. 
Learning The process of writing this blog and seeing the comments is a huge learning experience from me. I learn so much from the people who comment.
Nurturing Others Poor ToddlerDude is sick once again, so there was a lot of snuggling today, and lots of sick-care love to go around. Still, we managed to plant one plant in the yard today. That felt good.
What about you? Is Monday easier or harder for you to fit in all the things that are important to you? Do even try to fit things all in one day? Or do you divide your time and attention differently?


  1. It has to be Virginia from North and South.

  2. LOL. And the critique partner has it! (Though it is Virgilia. I only remember because I've seen it a MILLION times. And read the books until their spines wilted).

  3. haha, I was close. It's been many, many years since I saw that, but she was pretty fantastic.

  4. I was going to say Virgilia. What a clunky name for such a pretty woman. Did you think as I did, that Hazzard sounded more like a southern name, and Maine sounded like a Yankee name. Did he switch them to make them less obvious?